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About Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons is the founder and president of Astronomers Without Borders and connects people worldwide through innovative programs that are accessible to everyone regardless of geography and culture. Combining local events with online technology and a global community, Astronomers Without borders is a leader in promoting understanding and peaceful international relations, while also supporting outreach and education in astronomy. For more information, visit:

Solar Spectroscope

How to Build on the Solar Eclipse Experience

Eclipse-related outreach activities will abound this August, but how do we best capitalize on this rare celestial event after it happens? Astronomers Without Borders has developed a Sun-focused curriculum and is looking for volunteers to help teachers implement it.

Global Astronomy Month logo

The World Celebrates Astronomy

People are coming together this April for Global Astronomy Month 2012, a planetwide celebration of astronomy designed to bring people together through star parties, music and artistic performances, online observing events, and much more.

Eros and its parallax

The Eros Parallax Project

The asteroid 433 Eros is paying us a rare, close visit right now, and with a simple photographic setup you can join observers worldwide in calculating its distance from Earth — repeating a historic astronomical milestone.

IYA 2009 Comes to a Close

An unprecedented yearlong celestial celebration — the International Year of Astronomy 2009 — officially came to a close on January 9th and 10th in Padua, Italy.

100 Hours of Astronomy

100 Hours of Astronomy (100HA), taking place from April 2 to 5, will bring the Universe to millions of people worldwide via live online programs and thousands of public star parties.

A Worldwide Astronomy Marathon

If you have a telescope, mark April 2–5, 2009, on your calendar. The world is coming your way. An unprecedented string of public skywatching events will be packed into this brief period, all designed to engage people and bring them out for a worldwide star party.